Wild Kpop Music Festival

“Wild Kpop Music Festival” is bringing together the LEADING Kpop groups across generations - THE BOYZ, NMIXX, INFINITE // Get HYPED for October 2023!! BUY TICKETS


Prepare to be amazed as the stage is set to sizzle with the hottest Kpop artists – The Boyz, Infinite, and Nmixx – all under one roof! This extraordinary event marks a milestone in Australian Kpop history as these powerhouse groups unite for an unforgettable night of music and performance. The leading group of a diverse generation of Kpop, the WILD KPOP MUSIC FESTIVAL will be bringing together an adventure you will never forget.

Dive into the dynamic world of Kpop with The Boyz, known for their infectious energy and trend-setting music. Placing 1st on the legendary Korean TV show “Road to Kingdom” back in 2020, The Boyz have for sure proved their talent and prestigious teamwork and they’re ready to showcase all that expertise on the 14th of October to us Aussie fans!!

Infinite, being one of the very leading 2nd generation groups of KPOP, will mesmerise with their timeless hits and synchronised moves that have garnered a global following. Celebrating their 13th Debut Anniversary here in Sydney, the weight of excitement to listen to their all-time hits live on stage is phenomenal.

Last but definitely not least, JYP’s newest girl group Nmixx will showcase their young and vibrant energy on the massive stage of Qudos Bank Arena. Taking home the trophy for the MAMA Award for Favorite New Artist in 2022, we have high hopes for these girls to smash the stage with their undeniable charisma.

From heart-pounding beats to soulful melodies, this event promises a kaleidoscope of musical genres, all delivered with the signature flair that Kpop is renowned for. The Boyz, Infinite, and Nmixx are ready to captivate you with their chart-topping tracks, stunning choreography, and magnetic stage presence.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of Kpop or simply curious to explore the genre and culture, this event offers an evening of entertainment that transcends boundaries. Join us for a night that celebrates the power of music and showcases the incredible talents of these renowned groups.

We promise you an iconic, eccentric and awe-inspiring experience alongside the leading Kpop artists of each year. It’s a night you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


Saturday 14 October 2023


External Doors: 5:00pm

Internal Doors: 6:00pm

Show Start: 7:00pm

Important Information

No bags over A5 (200 mm x 150 mm) sizing will be permitted into the Arena. No backpacks of any size will be permitted.

General Admission Floor patrons are not permitted to line up at the venue before 8am on the day of the event.

Plastic water bottles are permitted

플라스틱용기에 담긴

물은 허용 됩니다.

Bags smaller than 15 × 20 cm are permitted

15x20cm 이하의 가방은


Small or large backpacks are NOT ALLOWED

백팩은 크기에 상관 없이

허용 되지 않습니다.

  • Please plan your visit and aim to arrive early
  • Share your tickets with the group coming with you (before you arrive). Ticket-sharing info here
  • The Arena is 100% cashless. All merchandise, food and beverage purchases require card payment (this can be done via physical card or your phone)
  • No backpacks of any size are permitted
  • Any other bag you bring must not exceed A5 size (20cm x 15cm)
  • Follow signage and the directives of staff at all times
  • Patrons must only sit in the seat number printed on your ticket
  • If you’re planning to catch public transport, visit transportnsw.info for the latest travel advice
  • Queuing cannot occur at the venue until 8 am on each show day
  • Each Wild Kpop Music Fest concert attendee is welcome to bring one lightstick (of any brand). Please ensure this is a regular size and not excessively large
  • Chains of any sort are not permitted, including those on clothing. Please leave these items at home
  • Signs must not be bigger than 30cm x 30cm and cannot be light up or made of hard material (e.g. perspex). Please note Pickets exceeding the above size will also not be permitted (measurement must include handle)
  • Battery-operated fans are not allowed. The venue is indoors and air-conditioned
  • Professional cameras or cameras with a detachable lens, telephoto lens or a lens that extends 5cm from the body of the camera are not permitted (flash photography is also not allowed)
  • We have a cloakroom for oversized or unsuitable items, the cost is $10, and the proceeds will be donated to a Qudos Bank Arena charity partner
  • One empty 600ml soft plastic bottle may be brought in to use at our Hydration Stations. No metal, glass or hard plastic bottles are permitted
  • For more information on Prohibited Items, please head to our website
  • For Frequently Asked Questions, please head to our website
  • Face Masks are recommended
  • NSW Health recommends people who are sick or have tested positive for COVID stay home until their symptoms have gone
  • Please regularly wash your hands and/or use sanitiser whilst at the Arena
  • For more information regarding COVID, please visit the NSW Health website