Premium Experiences

Step into a realm of luxury at the heart of Sydney’s premier entertainment venue, Qudos Bank Arena, with two exclusive offerings for an unparalleled experience. Whether you choose the Terrace Seats or indulge in the Hospitality Suites, be prepared to savour the world’s finest live music, thrilling sports events, side-splitting comedy shows, and family fun, all from the best seats in the house.

We have meticulously designed the Terrace Seats to offer you the utmost comfort and space so you can let loose and fully enjoy the show. Treat your taste buds to curated gourmet snacks and beverages without leaving your seat, enhancing every moment into a pure indulgence. On the other hand, our Hospitality Suites offer a truly exceptional Premium Hospitality experience, featuring a wide array of world-class events. Immerse yourself in the splendour of top-tier entertainment while indulging in exquisite food and beverage service.

Our dedicated in-house suite attendants are at your service, ensuring every moment is seamless and enjoyable. Elevate your evening, create unforgettable memories, and experience entertainment like never before, all in style at Qudos Bank Arena!

Terrace Seats

Experience unparalleled luxury and convenience at Qudos Bank Arena’s Terrace Seats, where you can enjoy the best live entertainment in Sydney while indulging in top-tier comfort, gourmet snacks, and in-seat service.Qudos Bank Arena is ranked in the Top 4 Arenas in the World and is the largest indoor entertainment and sporting arena in Australia.

Hospitality Suites

Experience the epitome of premium hospitality at Qudos Bank Arena’s Hospitality Suites in Sydney, offering exclusive access to top-tier live music, sports, family shows, and comedy events, where you can savor exquisite food and beverage service, all while dedicated in-house suite attendants ensure a seamless and unforgettable entertainment experience.