Experience your next live show with Qudos Bank Arena’s premium options (and never look back)

Sometimes, a regular ticket to your favourite band or must-see sporting event might be good enough. When it’s a venue like Qudos Bank Arena — which hosts the world’s starriest acts and boasts the title of Australia’s largest indoor Arena — then you can rest assured that the event will be unforgettable, even if it’s all the way in the bleachers. 

The chance to attend that one event that’s always been on your bucket list might be satisfying enough. But what if you could treat yourself to an extra special experience? What if you could truly make it a night to remember with exclusive amenities, unmatched luxury and the best seats in the house? 

You’re already preparing for what might be the greatest night ever, why not make it a little greater? That’s where Qudos Bank Arena’s lush premium options come in. They are the top-tier offers within an already top-tier venue, promising both the best in music, comedy and sports, and the best in comfort, convenience and experience. 

First there’s The Terrace Seats, meticulously designed to offer the most space for truly enjoying the show (say goodbye to cramped mosh pits). With these seats, you can truly revel and let loose in the space, with plenty of room to thrash along to your favourite rock band or cheer on your biggest sporting legends. For some, the extra leg room alone might be enough to purchase this option, but there’s plenty more on offer at these best seats in the house. 

Here in The Terrace, you can also treat your tastebuds to curated gourmet snacks and beverages. What’s more, you can grab them without ever having to leave your seat, ensuring an uninterrupted show with delicious eats for extra measure. These seats will make you the envy of every other hungry concert-goer, with an uninterrupted view of the stage to boot. So maybe you’ll take your pals to the Qudos Bank Arena Terrace, but what about your colleagues or family. 

Well, the Corporate Suites have you covered. If The Terrace is your luxurious option, then this is the cream of the crop. Here, exquisite food and beverage is on offer from in-house attendants at your service, all delivered in an exclusive private suite with room to spare. These suites are suitable for larger groups or even family and work events. The diversity of Qudos Bank Arena’s event calendar means organisations can tailor invitations to suit particular guests.       

If you’re a boss looking to win brownie points with a new business partner or reward staff, these Corporate Seats are the surest way to win at work. Who can deny the pleasure of being waited on with gourmet food at the best event venue in Sydney? So, if you’re planning a visit to Qudos Bank Arena for an event, be sure to elevate the experience tenfold with the venue’s premium options. Go on, make it a night to remember. 

Find more details about Qudos Bank Arena’s Terraces Seats here, and Corporate Suites here