Here’s why you need to see Marvel Universe LIVE! this school holidays

School holidays are inching ever closer, which no-doubt instils some pressure for those of us who haven’t yet planned any activities for our little ones. There’s only so many colouring books to fill out and trips to the park to take before kids get restless, but thankfully Qudos Bank Arena has a hot-ticket item that’ll earn you some well-deserved brownie points. 

Among an already bustling calendar of kid-friendly events like Monster Truck Mania and Disney On Ice, perhaps the buzziest event on Qudos Bank Arena’s itinerary this holiday season is Marvel Universe LIVE!

Set to overtake the iconic venue for a four day run from 19 April to 22 April 2024, the superhero showcase is the perfect calendar-filler for parents in need of a must-see event these holidays. 

So as the school term winds down and our little ones start asking what’s in store, there’s only one answer that will satisfy them; and it’s Marvel Universe LIVE!. Here’s why:

All-star superhero cast

In what reads like a who’s who of the superhero genre, Marvel Universe LIVE! is set to unite a dazzling array of cape-wearers. Everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will grace the stage as part of the show, and will be joined by The Avengers team of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. 

As if that wasn’t enough to excite diehard comics fans, the event will also feature appearances from Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. For those doing the maths, that’s dozens of Marvel’s biggest superheroes brought to life on stage, but they will find their adversaries in the form of supervillain, Loki. 

Not since Avengers: End Game have this many superheroes assembled in one place, and this starry cast of characters is sure to win over the little web-slingers in your life.   

 Immersive storytelling experience

Any Marvel fan will tell you that a superhero is only as good as the plot and storytelling that surrounds them, and thankfully Marvel Universe LIVE! delivers that in spades. Taking audiences on an adventure of epic proportions, the show will follow our favourite heroes in a race against time as they vow to recover the Wand of Watoomb before it falls into Loki’s hands.

The ancient artefact holds immeasurable mystical power, and would allow Loki to overtake Earth as an evil ruler. The gang’s quest to retrieve the Wand will reignite old feuds with challenging foes, and test friendships among mentors and students. Far beyond what you’ll find on a movie screen, this tale unfolds in real time, raising the stakes and placing fans squarely in amongst the drama. As for the fate of the superhero group… well you just have to wait and see how their story plays out.  

Dazzling production

Computer generated imagery is all well and good, but watching your favourite heroes in the flesh is an entirely different beast. Qudos Bank Arena has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the production value of Marvel Universe LIVE!, with the show promising a dazzling showcase of cutting-edge special effects, aerial stunts and video projection.  

This is a Marvel show after all, so you can rest assured that no expense was spared in delivering an action-packed adventure of cinematic proportions. With spellbinding stunt work and eye-popping light production, attendees should start preparing their buckets of popcorn. 

Unique school holiday experience

Leaps and bounds more exciting than your traditional school holiday activities, Marvel Universe LIVE! provides an unforgettable and experience-based event for children of all ages. What’s more, it’s something for the whole family to enjoy, allowing parents to make a day out of the event and create memories far more exciting than a trip to the movies. 

So what are you waiting for? Head here to find more event and ticketing information for Qudos Bank Arena’s Marvel Universe LIVE! show, and here to see the venue’s full event calendar.