Get yourself to Sooshi Mango’s comedy show at Qudos Bank Arena in October

Alert your Nonnas, because beloved comedy trio Sooshi Mango are bringing an all-new show to Qudos Bank Arena later this year.

Sooshi Mango have spent years making us laugh with their hilarious characters and viral online skits.

The comedy trio, composed of brothers Joe Salanitri and Carlo Salanitri and friend Andrew Manfre, burst onto the comedy scene with their knee-slapping takes on Italian culture, promptly blowing up on social media and establishing Sooshi Mango as one of Australia’s biggest-selling comedy acts.


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What’s so great about the trio is their spot-on personas (even our Nonno had a chuckle) and particular brand of comedic delivery, unleashing barrels of laughs simply with their hilarious mannerisms.

Sooshi Mango’s skits and characters have covered everything from the ‘Ethnic Mums’ at the supermarket, to overactive parents, fish and chip shop workers and the beloved favourite that is ‘Ethnic Dads’ in the garden (no fruit shop is safe).

These characters have seen Sooshi Mango amass millions of views, captivating fans of all ages with their relatable, nostalgic humour and hilarious delivery.

This unique brand of humour has seen the trio embark on a sold-out Australian tour in 2022 and break records with their crowds, but they’ve been cooking up something that might be even greater. This year, Sooshi Mango will bring the laughs with a whopping 25-city tour of Australia, slated for August to November.

What’s more, they’re armed with an all-new comedy set titled Home Made — a brand new show brimming with fresh jokes and characters, as well as the return of familiar favourites in the form of everyone’s favourite ‘ethnic dads’, Johnny, Vince and Sam.

Sooshi Mango’s older material is good enough to sustain belly laughs for years, but the promise of an all-new set makes their Qudos Bank Arena show an unmissable event on Australia’s comedy calendar.  Home Made is set to be the trio’s biggest and best set to date with never-before-seen skits and musical numbers, as Sooshi Mango returns with an all-new show with the same hilarious antics.

Announcing the tour in a truly Sooshi Mango fashion, the trio released a recent skit in which Johnny, Vince and Sam were arrested and interrogated by the media — with a much-needed cameo from the ‘ethnic mums’ to boot.

Speaking of the tour in a press statement, Mafre described Home Made as “some of our best work yet,” with Carlo adding that “our Nonna would be proud.”

Joe continued: “We are going above and beyond to make sure this is not just a comedy show but a memorable comedy event for the people. It’s going to be a comedy rock concert.”

Sooshi Mango’s Home Made tour will hit Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney (the favourite venue of the ‘ethnic mums’, who hilariously called it Qudos Bank Arancina) for a two-night stay on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Nonno (if he’s not in the garden) to find tickets and more event details for Sooshi Mango’s Home Made tour here.