Qudos Bank Arena’s stellar lineup for the second half of 2024

Qudos Bank Arena is Sydney’s beating heart of live entertainment. Buckle up, because the second half of 2024 (arguably the best half, right?) is bursting with a stellar lineup of shows.

From pop concerts to head-banging metal havens, there’s something for everyone.

To help you navigate this diverse selection, we’ve dropped the spotlight on the hottest gigs hitting the Qudos Bank Arena stage.

 Let’s dive in!

Disney on Ice: Road Trip Adventures (17 – 21 July): Dust off your Mickey ears and fire up the nostalgia cannons! This ice spectacular is pure, unadulterated fun for the whole fam.

Witness everyone’s favourite cartoon crew – from the OG Mickey and pals to the new gen with Moana and Elsa – glide across the ice in a dazzling display of acrobatics and storytelling. It’s the perfect excuse to relive your childhood (or introduce your own little ones to the magic) with a sprinkle of sparkly costumes and heart-warming singalongs

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live (3 – 4 August): Forget your Spotify playlists – the only soundtrack you need here is the earth-shattering roar of monster truck engines!

Witness these mechanical behemoths defy gravity with epic jumps and tire-shredding stunts.

This high-octane show is perfect for unleashing your inner child and celebrating the glorious absurdity of giant trucks doing what giant trucks shouldn’t.

aespa (30 – 31 August): K-Pop’s latest supernova, aespa, are bringing their genre-bending sound and out-of-this-world concept to Sydney.

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing visual and musical experience – these girls don’t just perform, they create immersive realities (literally) with their cutting-edge live shows.

J Balvin (6 September): The king of reggaeton is bringing the Latin heat to Sydney! Get ready to shake your body and sing along to J Balvin’s infectious anthems that have topped charts worldwide.

This is your chance to lose yourself in the irresistible rhythms of Latin trap and reggaeton, all under the electric atmosphere of a live show.

Iron Maiden (12 – 13 September): Prepare for a metal pilgrimage! The undisputed godfathers of heavy metal, Iron Maiden, are a must-see for any fan of the genre.

Witness Bruce Dickinson strut his stuff across the stage, belting out classics like “Run to the Hills” and “Iron Maiden” while Eddie, their ever-present mascot, makes a terrifyingly delightful appearance.

This is pure, unadulterated metal mayhem – expect soaring guitar solos, thunderous drums, and a crowd that’s there to worship at the altar of heavy metal.

Thirty Seconds To Mars (14 September): This alternative rock outfit isn’t your typical stadium act.

Thirty Seconds To Mars are known for their theatrical live shows, complete with elaborate set designs and frontman Jared Leto’s captivating stage presence.

Expect a powerful performance that blends thought-provoking lyrics with electrifying rock anthems.

Sooshi Mango: Home Made (4 – 5 October): This isn’t your typical concert, but it’s definitely a delicious diversion.

Sooshi Mango, a popular online food personality, is bringing her culinary creations to life with a live show.

Expect cooking demonstrations, audience interaction, and perhaps even a chance to sample some of her mouthwatering recipes.

It’s a fun and interactive experience for foodies and fans alike.

(G)I-DLE (2 November): Another force to be reckoned with in the K-Pop world, (G)I-DLE are all about girl power with killer vocals, fierce dance routines, and self-produced music.

Their live shows are a vibrant explosion of energy, showcasing their impressive artistry and tight-knit bond.

Take That (7 November): Swooning teenage hearts rejoice!

The legendary British boy band is back, ready to rekindle the 90s nostalgia with their signature smooth sounds and iconic dance moves.

This is more than just a concert – it’s a journey back to a simpler time, filled with catchy tunes and those oh-so tight harmonies.

Trevor Noah (20 November): The Emmy Award-winning comedian and host of The Daily Show is bringing his razor-sharp wit and social commentary Down Under.

Prepare for an evening of side-splitting laughter as Noah dissects current events with his signature blend of humour and intelligence.

This is your chance to see one of the most influential voices in comedy tackle the world’s absurdities head-on.

José Carreras and Plácido Domingo (23 November): Witness operatic history in the making!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two of the greatest tenors of all time, José Carreras and Plácido Domingo, share the stage.

Prepare to be transported by their soaring vocals and experience the power and beauty of classical music live.

Twenty One Pilots (24 November): This Grammy Award-winning duo is known for defying genre expectations.

Expect a high-octane performance that blends alternative rock and hip-hop with pyrotechnics, impressive visuals, and frontman Tyler Joseph’s signature energy.

This show is a sonic and visual spectacle, perfect for fans who crave something unique and innovative.

Sydney Kings 24/25 Season (Season runs from October to April): Calling all ballers! Catch the Sydney Kings as they battle it out for NBL glory.

Witness electrifying slam dunks, fast-paced action, and the raw energy of professional basketball at its finest.

This is your chance to cheer on the home team and soak up the electric atmosphere of a live game.

With everything from K-Pop to opera, Qudos Bank Arena caters to all musical tastes. So grab your tickets, get ready to dance (or mosh!), and prepare for an awesome night (or day) of live entertainment!

Experience your next live show with Qudos Bank Arena’s premium options (and never look back)

Sometimes, a regular ticket to your favourite band or must-see sporting event might be good enough. When it’s a venue like Qudos Bank Arena — which hosts the world’s starriest acts and boasts the title of Australia’s largest indoor Arena — then you can rest assured that the event will be unforgettable, even if it’s all the way in the bleachers. 

The chance to attend that one event that’s always been on your bucket list might be satisfying enough. But what if you could treat yourself to an extra special experience? What if you could truly make it a night to remember with exclusive amenities, unmatched luxury and the best seats in the house? 

You’re already preparing for what might be the greatest night ever, why not make it a little greater? That’s where Qudos Bank Arena’s lush premium options come in. They are the top-tier offers within an already top-tier venue, promising both the best in music, comedy and sports, and the best in comfort, convenience and experience. 

First there’s The Terrace Seats, meticulously designed to offer the most space for truly enjoying the show (say goodbye to cramped mosh pits). With these seats, you can truly revel and let loose in the space, with plenty of room to thrash along to your favourite rock band or cheer on your biggest sporting legends. For some, the extra leg room alone might be enough to purchase this option, but there’s plenty more on offer at these best seats in the house. 

Here in The Terrace, you can also treat your tastebuds to curated gourmet snacks and beverages. What’s more, you can grab them without ever having to leave your seat, ensuring an uninterrupted show with delicious eats for extra measure. These seats will make you the envy of every other hungry concert-goer, with an uninterrupted view of the stage to boot. So maybe you’ll take your pals to the Qudos Bank Arena Terrace, but what about your colleagues or family. 

Well, the Corporate Suites have you covered. If The Terrace is your luxurious option, then this is the cream of the crop. Here, exquisite food and beverage is on offer from in-house attendants at your service, all delivered in an exclusive private suite with room to spare. These suites are suitable for larger groups or even family and work events. The diversity of Qudos Bank Arena’s event calendar means organisations can tailor invitations to suit particular guests.       

If you’re a boss looking to win brownie points with a new business partner or reward staff, these Corporate Seats are the surest way to win at work. Who can deny the pleasure of being waited on with gourmet food at the best event venue in Sydney? So, if you’re planning a visit to Qudos Bank Arena for an event, be sure to elevate the experience tenfold with the venue’s premium options. Go on, make it a night to remember. 

Find more details about Qudos Bank Arena’s Terraces Seats here, and Corporate Suites here

Get yourself to Sooshi Mango’s comedy show at Qudos Bank Arena in October

Alert your Nonnas, because beloved comedy trio Sooshi Mango are bringing an all-new show to Qudos Bank Arena later this year.

Sooshi Mango have spent years making us laugh with their hilarious characters and viral online skits.

The comedy trio, composed of brothers Joe Salanitri and Carlo Salanitri and friend Andrew Manfre, burst onto the comedy scene with their knee-slapping takes on Italian culture, promptly blowing up on social media and establishing Sooshi Mango as one of Australia’s biggest-selling comedy acts.


Second Sydney show is on sale now!! Hurry uppa an get your ticket!! #foryou #fyp #viral #xyzbca #sydney #mums

♬ original sound – Sooshi Mango

What’s so great about the trio is their spot-on personas (even our Nonno had a chuckle) and particular brand of comedic delivery, unleashing barrels of laughs simply with their hilarious mannerisms.

Sooshi Mango’s skits and characters have covered everything from the ‘Ethnic Mums’ at the supermarket, to overactive parents, fish and chip shop workers and the beloved favourite that is ‘Ethnic Dads’ in the garden (no fruit shop is safe).

These characters have seen Sooshi Mango amass millions of views, captivating fans of all ages with their relatable, nostalgic humour and hilarious delivery.

This unique brand of humour has seen the trio embark on a sold-out Australian tour in 2022 and break records with their crowds, but they’ve been cooking up something that might be even greater. This year, Sooshi Mango will bring the laughs with a whopping 25-city tour of Australia, slated for August to November.

What’s more, they’re armed with an all-new comedy set titled Home Made — a brand new show brimming with fresh jokes and characters, as well as the return of familiar favourites in the form of everyone’s favourite ‘ethnic dads’, Johnny, Vince and Sam.

Sooshi Mango’s older material is good enough to sustain belly laughs for years, but the promise of an all-new set makes their Qudos Bank Arena show an unmissable event on Australia’s comedy calendar.  Home Made is set to be the trio’s biggest and best set to date with never-before-seen skits and musical numbers, as Sooshi Mango returns with an all-new show with the same hilarious antics.

Announcing the tour in a truly Sooshi Mango fashion, the trio released a recent skit in which Johnny, Vince and Sam were arrested and interrogated by the media — with a much-needed cameo from the ‘ethnic mums’ to boot.

Speaking of the tour in a press statement, Mafre described Home Made as “some of our best work yet,” with Carlo adding that “our Nonna would be proud.”

Joe continued: “We are going above and beyond to make sure this is not just a comedy show but a memorable comedy event for the people. It’s going to be a comedy rock concert.”

Sooshi Mango’s Home Made tour will hit Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney (the favourite venue of the ‘ethnic mums’, who hilariously called it Qudos Bank Arancina) for a two-night stay on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Nonno (if he’s not in the garden) to find tickets and more event details for Sooshi Mango’s Home Made tour here.

Join The Entire Disney Gang Under One Roof with Disney on Ice This School Holidays

Hold onto your Mickey ears, because Disney on Ice: Road Trip Adventures is revving up for a whirlwind tour, landing at Qudos Bank Arena from 17 to 21 July 2024!

Prepare to be whisked away on a magical adventure with Mickey Mouse and the entire Disney gang. With multiple showtimes throughout the week, including afternoons, evenings, and weekend options, there’s a perfect time slot for every family.

This show promises a non-stop cavalcade of beloved characters and iconic destinations, bringing the enchantment of Disney stories to life in spectacular fashion. Imagine setting sail with Moana across the sun-drenched waves of Motunui, feeling the earth shake with Simba and his friends in The Lion King, and soaring on a magic carpet with Aladdin on a whirlwind adventure.

Remember that heartwarming carnival scene from Toy Story 4? Woody and Forky will bring it to life in a larger-than-life way, ready to share some side-splitting shenanigans.

Join the adventures of Anna and Elsa in Frozen, where magic awaits them at every turn. The enchanting world of Arendelle comes alive on the ice, captivating audiences with its breathtaking scenes and heartwarming moments. Explore the London skyline with Mary Poppins, Jack, and the lamp lighters in Mary Poppins Returns. The magical world of Mary Poppins will leave you mesmerised as she returns to take you on a journey through the streets of London.

Now, before you pack your imaginary suitcase, here are some logistical must-knows. Tickets are available here through Ticketek Australia, and remember, even the littlest adventurers (aged 2 and above) need their own ticket. But don’t worry, those under 2 can snuggle up on your lap for free! We have got you covered with the details about what you can and can’t bring into the venue, so be sure to check that out here before the big day to ensure a smooth experience.

Disney on Ice shows are legendary for a reason. They’re a vibrant explosion of music, dazzling costumes, and incredible skating feats that leave you with a smile wider than Mickey’s. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your favourite people, relive cherished Disney moments, and create new memories that will sparkle brighter than Cinderella’s glass slipper. With an atmosphere that blends the wonder of classic tales with the excitement of new adventures, this event promises to blow your kids’ minds, and most likely yours as well. From the high seas with Moana to the icy peaks with Elsa, the African savanna with Simba, the carnival fun with Woody and Forky, and the magical streets of London with Mary Poppins, every performance is crafted to transport you into the heart of Disney’s most beloved stories. Each scene is brought to life with precision skating, intricate sets, and beautiful costumes that make the characters feel as real as your memories of watching them on screen.

So, are you ready to hit the road with Disney? Let the adventure begin! Mark your calendars, gather your loved ones, and prepare for an unforgettable experience that will leave you singing “Hakuna Matata” and “Let It Go” all the way home.

Disney on Ice: Road Trip Adventures at Qudos Bank Arena is an event you won’t want to miss, offering a magical escape that celebrates the timeless wonder and joy of Disney for all ages.

Get your tickets here!

ASM Global’s Tim Worton Reflects On A Stellar Career In The Entertainment Industry

After an outstanding 33-year career in the entertainment industry, Tim Worton, Group Director of Arenas for ASM Global (APAC), is changing pace.

Worton will step away from the industry after 25 years as part of the ASM Global family to pursue a different role, initially as a full-time student in 2025 at Moore Theological College in Sydney for 12 months, with the goal of then working in a pastoral, chaplaincy or ministry role.

A lover of music and live concerts, the veteran of thousands of stage acts and superstars insists the music will not stop when he departs at the end of 2024.

Highly regarded in the venue management and live entertainment world, he has been at the forefront of ASM Global’s live performance venues as Director of the Group’s arenas for the past 19 years.

The announcement of Worton’s career change was made during the 31st Asia Pacific Venue Industry Congress held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC).

ASM Global (APAC) Chairman and Chief Executive, Harvey Lister AM said Tim Worton would be greatly missed as Director of ASM Global’s portfolio of arenas throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

“Tim has been a great ambassador for our organisation. He has made an admirable and life changing decision to follow his faith and we applaud his decision and wish him well.

“Tim’s leadership and executive management of the arena portfolio is demonstrated by the continued growth of the Group’s arenas through innovation and ongoing development of entertainment content for audiences.”

Tim Worton thanked the company and in particular Harvey Lister and Rod Pilbeam for their ongoing support during his time at ASM Global (APAC) and for his decision of a career change.

“The company has given me amazing opportunities that I will always cherish. Harvey has been incredibly supportive of my decision to go in this vastly different direction, allowing flexibility in my role and I am very grateful for his support and encouragement. Rod has been a great mentor to me over my 25 years with ASM Global and I am indebted to him for the important role he has played in my life.”

Reflecting on the highlights during his custodianship of the ASM Global arena portfolio, Worton says they are two-fold. “Helping to ensure there is plenty of live content and the company’s arena network is operationally and financially successful is a key part of my role. What I have loved most about my career is supporting and mentoring colleagues, helping to create opportunities for future development.”

The veteran of thousands of concerts is hard pressed to choose a favourite. “An almost impossible task, if I’m forced to choose, I’d go with Bruce Springsteen.”

Tim Worton says he is incredibly excited to embark on this new journey and hopes that he is able to make a difference in his pastoral role.

Enquiries: Gail Sawyer, Group Communications Manager – ASM Global (Asia Pacific)
M: +61 439 733 509
E: gsawyer@asmglobal.com

Date published: 20 May 2024


ASM Global is the world’s leading producer of entertainment experiences. It is the global leader in venue and event strategy and management – delivering locally tailored solutions and cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results for venue owners. The company’s elite venue network spans five continents, with a portfolio of more than 350 of the world’s most prestigious arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, and performing arts venues.
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From its Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, ASM Global operates a network of venues that includes:

  • Entertainment and Indoor Sports Arenas – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney; RAC Arena, Perth; Brisbane Entertainment Centre; Newcastle Entertainment Centre; ICC Sydney Theatre; Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Great Hall; Cairns Arena; Bangkok Arena (under construction) and UOB Live, Bangkok; Coca Cola Arena, Dubai; Kai Tak Sports Park Indoor Arena (under construction), Hong Kong; and Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur;
  • Live Performance Theatres – Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Bahrain;
  • Convention & Exhibition Centres – Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Newcastle, Sydney, Christchurch, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bahrain and Riyadh;
  • Stadiums – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane; National Stadium at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur; Kai Tak Sports Park Main Stadium, Hong Kong (under construction); and a part ownership of VenuesLive, the operator of Optus Stadium, Perth
  • King Abdullah Financial District Conference Center, Riyadh
  • Boutique Meeting Facilities in Expo City, Dubai.

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Here’s why you can’t miss J Balvin’s highly-anticipated show at Qudos Bank Arena

Set to grace Qudos Bank Arena’s iconic stage for a one-night-only show on Friday, 6 September, Colombian singer J Balvin will deliver an unmissable set. Heading Down Under as part of his Que Bueno Volver a Verte Tour (It’s Good To See You Tour), J Balvin has tapped a special guest for the show and will come armed with an arsenal of his biggest chart-topping hits. The excitement around the pop phenom’s Sydney show is already at a fever pitch, but here are five reasons why you need to get yourself to Qudos Bank Arena on the 6 September.

No-skip setlist

It goes without saying, but J Balvin’s discography is reason enough to see him live. Of course, there’s his staple, billion-streamed hits like ‘Mi Gente’ and ‘LA CANCIÓN’, but the singer’s catalogue also spans five studio albums and collaborations with the likes of Dua Lipa, Cardi B, and Justin Bieber. With such an illustrious catalogue, it’s no wonder J Balvin has sold 35 million records worldwide, and why he’s rightfully crowned the “Prince of Reggaeton”. Sydneysiders simply must bask in this pop royalty come September 6.

Proven stage presence

It’s one thing to have a catalogue of bangers to your name, but bringing them to life with live shows and stage presence is another story. Thankfully, J Balvin has proven to deliver on the latter in spades, having headlined the world’s biggest festivals and embarked on international tours spanning more than 30 dates. More recently, J Balvin appeared at both last year’s Splendour In The Grass and Coachella 2024, the latter of which wowed revellers with a surprise cameo by Will Smith. With such a voluminous tour history under his belt, J Balvin will undoubtedly outdo himself with his Qudos Bank Arena show.  

Phenomenal stage production

Renowned for his themed sets, J Balvin pairs his stage presence with phenomenal live performance production. At Coachella, the singer opted for an alien, galaxy-themed set, which naturally sent his performance into the stratosphere. J Balvin spares no expense when it comes to lighting, sound and stage design, donning elaborate costumes and going toe-to-toe alongside his backup dancers with high-energy choreography. It’s what makes his shows an unmissable experience, and Qudos Bank Arena is sure to accommodate all his wildest visions later this year.

Palpable crowd energy

Have you met better dancers than Colombian music fans? The answer is probably no, and given that J Balvin’s 2023 Australian shows sold out in under 10 minutes, his upcoming performance will be chock-full with an energetic crowd like no other. Qudos Bank Arena is unique in that it maintains an intimate feel while still housing thousands of people, so where better to get up close and personal with J Balvin alongside legions of fellow fans?

Sofi Tukker

If your dancing shoes weren’t already worn out by J Balvin himself, then special guest Sofi Tukker will have them reach the point of no return. The Grammy-nominated duo — who are stars in their own right with smash hits like ‘Purple Hat’ and ‘Drinkee’ — will kick off festivities as the openers of J Balvin’s Qudos Bank Arena show. The electronic duo will come equipped with their most recent album, ‘WET TENNIS’, and their technicoloured aesthetic will be more than enough to dazzle audiences ahead of the main event. 

Get your tickets here!

Mother’s Day Wish List with Qudos Bank Arena

Mother’s Day is approaching, and while it’d be all-too easy to gift our mums the obvious bouquet of flowers or hundredth pair of pyjamas, the best presents are experience-based. Attending the concert of your mother’s favourite artist or sitting alongside them during a stand-up comedy set is infinitely more memorable than a new pair of socks, which is why Qudos Bank Arena has your Mother’s Day wish list sorted come the 12 of May. 

From the long-awaited return of 90s boy band favourites to the killer sets from the world’s starriest comedians, here’s all the Qudos Bank Arena events that would make perfect gifts this Mother’s Day. Earn ultimate brownie points with ticket’s to an upcoming event in the list below. 

Jerry Seinfeld

Parents the world over look back fondly on Seinfeld, the global juggernaut of a show that defined the 90s and made a star out of the eponymous comic. Now, Jerry Seinfeld will return to audiences following his sold-out Australian shows in 2017, bringing the laughs with a show at Qudos Bank Arena on 16 June 2024. Seinfeld’s brand of observational comedy, spanning the quirks of married life to the hilarity of parenthood, is sure to win over parents this Mother’s Day. Find event and ticketing details here.

Sooshi Mango

Calling all La Familia! Australia’s comedy kings, Sooshi Mango, return with their side-splitting new show ‘Home Made.’ This trio is touring 25 cities across Australia (August-November) with side-splitting family humour and iconic characters. Prepare for laugh-out-loud skits, catchy music, and the return of fan favourites like Johnny and Vince. Get ready for a night of pure comedic joy Saturday 5 October 2024! Find event and ticketing details here.


Ne-Yo’s 90s smash hits like ‘Closer’ and ‘Miss Independent’ have filled mums’ playlists for decades, but they’ll get a taste of his trademark croons in the flesh when the iconic musician hits Qudos Bank Arena on 3 October 2024. Dubbed the “Champagne and Roses” tour, the highly-anticipated show is the perfect Mother’s Day date night idea for mum and dad, who’ll no-doubt revel in the tunes from R&b’s shining figurehead. Find event and ticketing details here.

Take That

While he has since exited the band, the lustre of Robbie Williams — every mum’s celebrity crush — lives on in Take That, the beloved 90s boy band who’ll take to the Qudos Bank Arena stage on 7 November 2024. Now comprised of a trio of icons in their own right, namely Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, Take That’s This Life On Tour show will include tracks from their namesake 2023 album, with assist from ‘Murder On The Dancefloor’ hitmaker and fellow aughties icon Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Find more event and ticketing details here.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has won over audiences of all ages as the host of the Emmy-winning The Daily Show and best-selling author of Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. Blending his intelligent wit with sharp observations, Noah has found equal success with his stand-up comedy tour, which hits Aussie shores at Qudos Bank Arena on 20 November 2024. This show is sure to sell out, so be quick to grab mum’s tickets for Trevor Noah’s “Off The Record” tour. Find event and ticketing details here.

José Carreras and Plácido Domingo

Two of the most revered legends of opera will join forces at Qudos Bank Arena on 23 November 2024, when icons José Carreras and Plácido Domingo reunite for the “The Legends Together Again, Live in Concert” show. Sitting back and enjoying the classical finesse of opera’s leading men — alongside a 55‐piece orchestra and beloved conductor David Giménez Carreras — is all-but certain to score brownie points for mom. After yet another year of busy parenting, she could use the blissful ambience! Find ticketing and event details here

A brand activation extravaganza at Qudos Bank Arena! 

Saturday 4 May 2024

The tour 
The sold-out S.O.S tour from Grammy award winner SZA in April 2024 was supercharged with an extensive selection of brand activations at Qudos Bank Arena, delivering an end-to-end fan experience not to be forgotten. 

The sell-out status of The namesake album is her best to date, earning SZA the record for the largest-ever streaming week for an R&B album in the US and claiming ten non-consecutive weeks atop the Billboard 200 chart. Add in three Grammy wins, and you’ve got an artist whose tour naturally engendered an unprecedented level of hype.  

The activations 
Over the three nights, Qudos Bank Arena, in partnership with the Arena’s in-house activations agency ZU Creative, delivered a brand activation showcase designed to amplify the customer experience, highlighted by activations from partners Asahi Lifestyle Beverages, profiling the new Pepsi Titanium branding, Rimmel London and a double-decker make-over bus and DJ activation/afterparty and BYD car giveaway. Additionally, official Card Partner American Express kept patrons guessing with their ‘More Machine’ offering a range of prizes to lucky Patrons. See afterparty here!

Creating memories 
The excitement didn’t stop as Influencers Sophie Love and Dan Brown collaborated with Rimmel London Australia to upgrade eight fortunate guests, treating them to the luxury of Qudos Bank Arena’s premium Terrace seats. Check out the experience here!

Draft cocktails on demand! 
In collaboration with supplier Diageo Australia, influencer @carbsmakeitokay enhanced the awareness of the Arena’s Draught Cocktails available to event attendees. Lara Severino (31,000 followers) and Qudos Bank Arena (19,400 followers) both shared posts featuring branded hashtags and #DraughtCocktails, creating more awareness of the opportunity available to all patrons. Be sure to watch Lara’s video reel here!  

To find out more about how you can elevate your brand to the next level, contact our Commercial Team here.

Here’s why you need to see Marvel Universe LIVE! this school holidays

School holidays are inching ever closer, which no-doubt instils some pressure for those of us who haven’t yet planned any activities for our little ones. There’s only so many colouring books to fill out and trips to the park to take before kids get restless, but thankfully Qudos Bank Arena has a hot-ticket item that’ll earn you some well-deserved brownie points. 

Among an already bustling calendar of kid-friendly events like Monster Truck Mania and Disney On Ice, perhaps the buzziest event on Qudos Bank Arena’s itinerary this holiday season is Marvel Universe LIVE!

Set to overtake the iconic venue for a four day run from 19 April to 22 April 2024, the superhero showcase is the perfect calendar-filler for parents in need of a must-see event these holidays. 

So as the school term winds down and our little ones start asking what’s in store, there’s only one answer that will satisfy them; and it’s Marvel Universe LIVE!. Here’s why:

All-star superhero cast

In what reads like a who’s who of the superhero genre, Marvel Universe LIVE! is set to unite a dazzling array of cape-wearers. Everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will grace the stage as part of the show, and will be joined by The Avengers team of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. 

As if that wasn’t enough to excite diehard comics fans, the event will also feature appearances from Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. For those doing the maths, that’s dozens of Marvel’s biggest superheroes brought to life on stage, but they will find their adversaries in the form of supervillain, Loki. 

Not since Avengers: End Game have this many superheroes assembled in one place, and this starry cast of characters is sure to win over the little web-slingers in your life.   

 Immersive storytelling experience

Any Marvel fan will tell you that a superhero is only as good as the plot and storytelling that surrounds them, and thankfully Marvel Universe LIVE! delivers that in spades. Taking audiences on an adventure of epic proportions, the show will follow our favourite heroes in a race against time as they vow to recover the Wand of Watoomb before it falls into Loki’s hands.

The ancient artefact holds immeasurable mystical power, and would allow Loki to overtake Earth as an evil ruler. The gang’s quest to retrieve the Wand will reignite old feuds with challenging foes, and test friendships among mentors and students. Far beyond what you’ll find on a movie screen, this tale unfolds in real time, raising the stakes and placing fans squarely in amongst the drama. As for the fate of the superhero group… well you just have to wait and see how their story plays out.  

Dazzling production

Computer generated imagery is all well and good, but watching your favourite heroes in the flesh is an entirely different beast. Qudos Bank Arena has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the production value of Marvel Universe LIVE!, with the show promising a dazzling showcase of cutting-edge special effects, aerial stunts and video projection.  

This is a Marvel show after all, so you can rest assured that no expense was spared in delivering an action-packed adventure of cinematic proportions. With spellbinding stunt work and eye-popping light production, attendees should start preparing their buckets of popcorn. 

Unique school holiday experience

Leaps and bounds more exciting than your traditional school holiday activities, Marvel Universe LIVE! provides an unforgettable and experience-based event for children of all ages. What’s more, it’s something for the whole family to enjoy, allowing parents to make a day out of the event and create memories far more exciting than a trip to the movies. 

So what are you waiting for? Head here to find more event and ticketing information for Qudos Bank Arena’s Marvel Universe LIVE! show, and here to see the venue’s full event calendar. 

Get yourself to Bring Me The Horizon’s mammoth shows at Qudos Bank Arena next month!

With a stacked lineup of support acts and a highly-anticipated album in the wings, Bring Me The Horizon’s Qudos Bank Arena shows are an unmissable item on 2024’s music calendar. 

It should come as little surprise that the fanfare around Bring Me The Horizon’s imminent Sydney shows is at fever pitch. The British band’s status as one of the world’s hottest rock acts has been basically undisputed since their 2006 debut, and four-piece are poised to bring their illustrious catalogue to Qudos Bank Arena next month. 

Proving that one show just simply wasn’t enough, Bring Me The Horizon will perform a second show to their Sydney outing due to overwhelming demand, adding to what was already their biggest headline tour of Australia to date. Overtaking Qudos Bank Arena on 12 April and 14 April, the shows will usher in the new era of the  band’s highly anticipated next album, POST HUMAN: NeX GEn. 

That project — a follow-up to the band’s 2020 cult-favourite POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR — has been previewed by the recent single Kool-Aid, and is expected to be released this summer. As the fanfare around NeX GEn continues to intensify, it’s only natural for Bring Me The Horizon to satiate audiences with a tour, with a stacked lineup of support acts for extra measure. 

The band will be joined at their Qudos Bank Arena shows by a collection of names so starry they warrant their own constellation, headlined by UK anonymous masked collective, Sleep Token. We’ve already had a taste of that band’s magnetism following their sold-out headline tour of Australia last April, and they’re sure to continue that success with a smattering of tracks from their most recent album Take Me Back To Eden.

For their part, Perth metalcore outfit Make Them Suffer will also support Bring Me The Horizon in Sydney, fresh off the tenth anniversary of their landmark debut Neverbloom and with new single Ghost Of Me under their belt. Melbourne-based hyperpop star daine will also grace the stage for Bring Me The Horizon’s Qudos Bank Arena shows. 

It’s a dazzling lineup fitting for a band who are sure to deliver yet another classic with NeX GEn, but the Sydney shows will have much more to pull from. Whether they draw from the raucous energy of SURVIVAL HORROR or the breakout hits of Suicide Season, Bring Me The Horizon’s setlist is all-but certain to deliver all the alt-rock revelry the Grammy-nominated band is known for. 

So what are you waiting for? Find more event details and ticketing information for Bring Me The Horizon’s Qudos Bank Arena shows here.