EZY Tickets

If you have selected EzyTicket as your ticket delivery option, your ticket will be emailed to you as a PDF file for you to print at your own convenience.
You can also open the received PDF on your phone for scanning at our entry points.

What is EzyTicket?
EzyTicket is a print-at-home ticket option. Instead of having your ticket delivered to you through postal, you will receive an email containing PDF attachment of your ticket.

Please find more information about EzyTicket from the following link:
Ticketek – EzyTicket

Print at home or on my phone?
Given the ability of Smartphones – all EZY TICKETS can be opened on your phone. Alternatively you can still print this ticket prior to arrival for scanning at the venue.

Do I need to print my EzyTicket, or can I use my mobile phone for scanning instead of printing the ticket?
You will only need to print a hard copy of your ticket at home prior coming to the event, if your Smartphone does NOT allow this type of file to be opened.

I didn’t receive the email for my ticket, what happened?
Please check your Spam/Junk mailbox. If you still can’t find your ticket, please contact Ticketek at 13 28 49.

Do I need to print my tickets in colour?
Print at Home (ezytickets) do not need to be printed in colour and will work just fine printed in black and white. We recommend you print your ezyticket PDF on A4 paper.

My ticket is showing blank, what went wrong?
You might need to use PDF viewer app such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the information on your ticket. The app is available for Mac, PC, as well as for iPhone and Android phones. Please ensure you have the latest update of the software.

I got an SMS/text message of my ticket, is that EzyTicket?
Kinda, that ticket is at the link and can open on your Smartphone. You will only need to print a ticket if your smart phone doest open the ticket found once opening the link. Please refer to our Mobile Ticket page instead.